Illustration, photography, travel.

CityLiveSketch started from the combination of these three passions. And today, it is also much more.

CityLiveSketch is an artistic project whose goal is to show the world and reality in a different and creative way and to inspire, amaze and excite others. To do that, CityLiveSketch uses the power of images, animations and storytelling, transforming reality into imagination, ordinary into extraordinary.

The creator of CityLiveSketch is Pietro Cataudella, italian freelance artist, illustrator and digital content creator, originally from Pachino (Sicily) and living in Pisa (Tuscany).

Pietro has a great passion for art, illustration and photography, which he has cultivated as a self-taught and transformed them over the years into a job.

In fact, since he was a child, Pietro has always been curious and creative, loving experimenting with new materials and forms of art, from watercolors to pencils, from collage to painting.

Despite his studies in scientific field were far from the artistic sector, thanks to passion, perseverance and patience he improved (and still improves) his skills.

CityLiveSketch was born on July 24, 2014 in Marzamemi, a beautiful small seaside village in south-eastern Sicily (Italy), which Pietro has always visited since he was a child to take photographs and stay in touch with nature.

Here the desire to create new contents for social media, other than normal photographs, led to the creation of a rough drawing into a normal sketchbook, which photographed in place represent the very first CityLiveSketch:

Marzamemi Live Sketch“.

Starting from this day, many other views were added into the sketchbook, initially all from Sicily and then also from other beautiful Italian cities, such as Florence, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Milan and more.

The artistic project is in constant evolution since its creation: initially were represented only monuments and landscapes as they are in reality, creating a collection of “postcards 2.0” of each place visited.

Then the desire to continue experimenting with new forms of art and to make even more creative contents have led to the creation of new images, in which the illustration interacts with photography, changing reality with creativity.

CityLiveSketch’s original way of showing everything surrounding us, from monuments to common objects, caught soon the attention of many magazines and brands, interested in finding out more about the project and collaborating together.

CityLiveSketch works with:

  • digital marketing and communication agencies
  • local and international brands
  • tourism agencies and organizations
  • museums
  • small to big businesses
  • private clients

What CityLiveSketch can do for you?